meals in the XV century

Meals are organized in the XV century as follows:

Breaking the fast night (disjejunium), takes between 6 and 8 hours depending on the season.

When the day to started early we can take a (prime) snack: a piece of cheese, a glass of wine (to brighten the complexion for the ladies) around 10: 00.

The main meal: (the prandium) also called Sixtus meal is taken between 11: 00 and 13: 00, after half of the work.

And finally, the cena takes before lying Sun so seasonally between 16 h and 19 h.

We eat sitting, on the table there are linen (at the humble for the party), to wipe the mouth, hand or sleeve enough. It takes 1 Francis for one torch is in the water, as the King.

The knife is the versatile cover, spoon serves as shady, sauce and soup are poured into the Bowl where we drink directly.

Fork (to two teeth) is still reserved for the rich, it’s so precious metal, a meat peak is a legend, represented on the engravings is in fact that a gun has sharpened the knife.

White eating chicken

White eating chicken

Washing hands is done before and after the meal with the aquamanile into the tub used for washing up. The waste will go to dogs or fire

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