Bobbin lace

trimmings and lace to the time zones to the XV th century

There are two types of lace: lace to the needle and bobbin lace.

We think that the weavers are at the origin of bobbin lace. They weaved fabrics warp threads to achieve nice finishes. Bobbin lace techniques are probably born this braiding development.

The needle lace is a natural evolution of the embroidery. At the beginning you wove fabrics more in thinner. Then it has added embroidery to decorate these stuffs. Make embroideries more pretty starts to cut and pull threads of the weave. And finally you realize without the support of a fabric embroidery designs. We realize ‘points in the air’ or ‘borders with teeth’, where the word lace.

The advantage of lace from the embroidery is that you can easily undo the lace dresses and clothes in order to turn them and it reuses the lace.

Little by little the request of lace is growing in Europe. Schools are emerging everywhere and each region developed its own style of drawing and lace technique.

Lace bobbin

Lace bobbin

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