Civilian and military combat

In the XV th century Combat is an Art, masters of weapons deliver their knowledge with Lord against remuneration.

mercenaries are professionalized (Grand order of Louis XI) and train every day to the different weapons (fight, sword, dagger, Vouge, spades…) according to the methods described by these masters of weapons.

Today we still evidence of these manuscripts, and we try to reproduce these historical actions.

two schools are studied in our medieval German Masters Swashbuckler method company: Hans Talhoffer, Johannes Lichtenauer, Joachim Meyer (early 16 th) as well as the Italian method of Fiore of ‘ i Liberi, Philippo di Vadi, Camillo Agrippa (beginning 16 th).

List of different master of arms having lived in the XV th century

Andreas (German)
Peter von Danzig zum Ingolstadt (German)
Pseudo-Peter von Danzig (German)
Filippo di Bartolomeo Dardi (Italian)
Peter Falkner (German)
Johannes Leckuchner (German)
Jud Lew (German)
André Liegniczer (German)
Guido Antonio di Luca (Italian)
Pedro Monte (Spanish)
Jaime Pons (Catalan)
Hans Talhoffer (German)
Philippo di Vadi (Italian)

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