Events history

Events history occurred during the life of Louis XI

Events history Louis XI

Louis XI

1440 the Praguerie: Louis XI revolts against father Charles VII, with Alençon, Dunois, La Fayette, Trémoille, the Hire, this earns the Dauphiné.

1444 Louis XI to nodded mercenaries roads leads the war in Switzerland against the antipope Felix V. gonfaloniere, i.e. protector of the Church, was named by Pope Eugène IV.

1445 orders companies creation (the roads of mercenaries become the 1st regiments of the French army)

1450 Gutenberg invents the printing press

death of Agnès Sorel

1452-birth of Leonardo Da Vici (Leonardo da Vinci)

1453 battle of Castillon (last battle war of hundred years English/french)

1455 beginning of the war of the roses 2 (English civil war)

1456 new feuds between Charles VII and Louis XI, Charles invaded the Dauphiné. Louis fled and took refuge among the Burgundians (Brabant) Joan of arc rehabilitated

1461 death of Charles VII, Louis XI become King of France (August 15, 1461 in Reims)

1463 Louis XI began to recover the cities of the sum, according to the Treaty lost d Arras. Duke Charles the bold accepted this proposal on August 20, for 400 000 ECU d gold.

1464 Louis XI the conflict in the sum s worse, the King leaves the sum and arrives at Arras. Then he continued to stay in Flanders

1465 battle of Montlhéry (Louis XI vs Charles the bold the bourguignon) treated of river, the towns of the Somme back to France (Amiens, Abbeville, Guines, San Quentin)
1468 end of the campaign of Picardy, the peace of Péronne supposed to put an end to the conflict armagnacs/Burgundians, and confirms the line of the Somme as border between the France and Burgundian lands (the towns of the Somme are confirmed Burgundy)(signature forcé et annulé en 1469)

1469 establishment of the order of Saint Michael

1472 birth of the dauphin Charles VIII

1472, Charles the bold attack Picardy through Bray on sum, Péronne and Nesle massacre, and attempts to take Beauvais defended by Jeanne Hachette.

1475 Treaty of Picquigny, putting an end to the hundred years war

1477 death of Charles the bold, Artois attached to the France.

Invention of the post by Louis XI

1480 creation of the 1st regiment d line infantry, the arch bridge-of-l (11 October), from the bands of Picardy, whose motto is always this update:

There is no Picardie: listen here

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