Archers of the militia of Amiens

The archers of the urban militia of Amiens were so equipped and clothed:

they were intended to represent in any magazine:

-yew tree a rainbow,

-12 braided silk ropes.

-a ‘package’ (quiver) garnished with eight arrows of ash,

-a sword,

-a dagger,

-a “salad” or round iron helmet,

-a cap of cloth to place under the helmet,

-a ‘gorget’ of metal.

-chainmail sleeves or “brigandine” made of metal plates,

-a ‘hoqueton’ or blouse to cover the cotte, in thick sheet mid-part mid-part, red blue, the colours of the arms of Amiens, also embroidered on the hoqueton,

-a ‘bracelet’ leather or metal (of ivory for the parades), protecting the wrist against the harsh impact of the rope.


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