About the white elm

Presentation of medieval society of the white elm

The company of the white elm

is a 1901 law association that aims to reconstruct the daily life of a company to issue order of bands of Picardy.

living in Flanders (Artois-Picardie) bass at the time of King LOUIS XI 1461 to 1483 period.

It represents life in historical medieval encampment, a company of order of LOUIS XI, defending the borders of Picardy, and protecting merchants on the roads of Artois.

the company of the white elm has 15 enthusiasts, representing different professions or functions (men at arms, Provost, Archers, Vougiers, master tail, kitchen Squire, Knight, Squire, Sergeant, Passementieres…)

Our services include demonstrations of fighting in armor (armor Germanic and Milanese) and presentation of crafts former as well as the daily life of the time (kitchen on a querie, hygiene, medieval games, etc.). Our services take place in France, Belgium and Germany.

Our credentials:

The coat of arms of the company can be explained as follows:

“quarterly Vert and gules, an elm snatched silver and a lily snatched gold”


This tree has always held supernatural powers.

In the France of the middle ages, it was called ‘Justice tree’ because it was under its canopy that the Lords and judges made their judgments.

We knew the elm Capable to heal various skin diseases, including leprosy.

The healers were removing pieces of bark of Elm to concoct remedies against rheumatism.

Three ELMS, is assigned several times centenarians of the Department of the somme, the power of embezzling the plague from a village in this region, while nearby villages were severely hit by this terrible scourge.


Symbol of the mother of God and France become the emblem of royalty and power.

He said that the flower of lily would be an ancient symbol of the Franks, who were from Flanders.

the fake-sweet flag iris or yellow Iris (Iris pseudocarus L) grew in abundance on the banks of the river Lys.

The Lord of Armentières was the reason for his coat of arms, during the annexation of his fief by the King of France, he decided to turn to add his own coat of arms, thus the Fleur de Lys, which would not have been a lily would be born.

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